3D People Tracking (3DTP)

3D People Tracking (3DPT) allows to have 3D people tracking in real time on domestic and industrial areas. It is an innovative technology that solves major problems in security and remote-assistance areas.
The solution developed consists of a light system made of a small computer and various RGBD sensors scattered along the areas to be monitored. Computer software collects data from the sensors in real time and follows the 3D people position that pass through the area. With that space-time information from the data sensors, it autonomously detects the alarm conditions such as falls, person approaching to danger zone (example: Alzheimer's patient goes out home alone), large absences, access to restricted areas, authorized people excessive number, etc). If case of a warning alarm the system communicates (via call, email message or warning to a phone app) with the security or remote-assistance center, which assesses and decides the answer, from sending health / police assistance or trying to establish a conversation with the monitored person.
Automatic detection of alarms allows a fast response time to minimize possible injury or damage.
The intelligent 3DPT software analyzes depth maps provided by the sensor and does not store color images. It is mainly focused on the privacy of the individuals and rooms. Furthermore, 3DPT system is operable in multiple rooms RGBD with several sensors that wirelessly communicate with each other.

3DPT is a robust and effective system that operates 24 hours x 7 days. Even in the darkness it is able to perform effective monitoring of the person and to identify the situations described above.

Real Applications

• Detection of presence / absence of people.
• Detection of people falling down (fainting, tripping)
• Detection of abnormally large stays in the toilet (risk for older people living alone)
• Detection of falling baby’s crib.
• Detection of leaving of a room/house of a person with Alzheimer.
• Counting people that cross a virtual beacon.
• Counting people in a room at all times, it detects if there is more / less than X people.
• Detection of 2 people (or more) too close together (robbery possibility)
• Detection of people in the opposite direction (only input or output area).
• Detection by proximity to an area (cash register / safe / light box / servers)
• Detection and checking of people height between a maximum and a minimum.
• Detection of children alone and lost (for height)

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