Cost reduction

Pay only for what you need.

The vast majority of companies have an IT infrastructure usually oversized in order to provide the best performance of their systems, and be prepared for a possible contingency in case of peak load in the normal dynamics of the business. Unfortunately, many of these systems are not properly used and the only way the IT managers can be in a “safe” position with the top management is provisioning more powerful (higher cost) hardware: higher range storage arrays, more powerful servers and network electronics increasingly faster.

Adapt the size of your IT infrastructure to your business.

Take advantage of the AWS cloud computing and maximize the effectiveness of your investment to grow the infrastructure as needed in minutes and reduce resources when they are no longer necessary How to achieve this goal?
Consider briefly the usual process of implementing IT services:
One of the biggest problems to calculate the investment for procurement and maintenance of a computer system is the prediction of the workload based on the current load. Let’s consider a typical scenario with the following comparison between the estimated and current load volume: Estimated workload vs Current load As in any business, there are hundreds of variables that can define the capacity needs of your systems: advertising campaigns, external attacks, system notifications, etc... How can you be prepared for this uncertainty? In a traditional data center, the only way for not losing service is to maintain a fleet of continuously available servers. This needs strong initial investments in hardware, possible transfers of data center, high implementation times ... But above all, it is mandatory to have a computer system usually oversized most of the time but at the same time susceptible to being overwhelmed on unexpected load peaks as shown in the following figure:

Crecimiento de Infraestructuras con Datacenters OnPremise We analyze your IT infrastructure and we help you implement all mechanisms offered by AWS cloud computing systems to reduce operating costs and meet the needs of your business. You can minimize the implementation time for new services, forget the problem of hardware supply and focus your efforts on what your company really needs: improve your business processes.   Crecimiento de infraestructuras con AWS

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