Disaster Recovery

Your business’ continuity is our top priority.

At Qualoom, we know how important the backup maintenance of your infrastructure is in order to allow a service recovery in case of disaster in your primary datacenter. Therefore, we help you design backup plans in the cloud, create low cost contingency data centers and optimize your disaster action plans, all with the aim of being ready to recover your activity in the shortest possible time and with the maximum commitment in operating costs.

Backup in the Cloud.

Take advantage of the availability and low cost of storage systems in the cloud of Amazon Web Services to automate backups and ensure that you always have a backup of your critical data even in the contingency of a global catastrophe in your datacenter. For example, you can use Amazon S3 service, the highly scalable AWS objects storage service, for scheduling database and corporate documents backup jobs taking advantage of the simplicity of its API RES and its characteristics of high durability and encrypted data. In parallel, you can implement filing policies in Amazon Glacier to reduce storage costs thanks to its policy of extremely low prices per gigabyte.

Contingency CPD "Warm Site".

The idea behind the term “Warm Site” (also known as “Pilot Light”)DR Warm Site preparation ” is deploying a full datacenter in an alternative geographical location to its production datacenter. You will also always keep active the storage services and data access for the continuous replication of data coming from the main server. In the case of a contingency, you would need to switch your production servers in the alternate site and redirect traffic to the new location.
Thanks to new cloud computing technologies, you can minimize both the operating costs of your contingency infrastructure and the time without service until recovery. We will assist you in implementing these tasks:

  • Automation of replication systems and data verification.
  • Minimization your contingency resources during normal activity.
  • Resources escalation to prepare contingency environment ahead of the launch in case of contingency.
  • Automation of services start in case of disaster at the primary site.

Contingency CPD "Hot Site".

The main difference from the "Warm Site" is that in this case, the contingency CPD is always on and it is an automated monitoring system which redirected applications traffic to the contingency in case of a disaster in the production datacenter. DR Hot site preparation

Backup CPD "Hot Site" on AWS: Preparation phase.

DR AWS recovery

Backup CPD "Hot Site" on AWS: Phase contingency.

  In this scenario you can take the biggest advantage of AWS cloud computing, thanks to the deployment of managed services as Elastic Load Balancer, Autoscaling, Route53 and RDS. Thanks to all these tools, you can keep a whole fleet of contingency servers operating at all times at the minimum cost while not in use, but prepared for growing in case of a possible contingency, so all available “power” can be used to ensure an optimal performance of your business applications, even in case of an emergency.

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