High availability

Your applications can fail. Your business can not.

Regardless of the nature of your business applications, when they reach a certain size or you acquire certain service commitments with third parties, it is required certain high-availability features to ensure service availability upon the occurrence of failures in the systems that support them:

  • Load distribution between multiple nodes.
  • Data replication.
  • Infrastructure support redundancy: electricity supply, air conditioning, communications, etc.
  • Automatic recovery of services in case of failures.
  • Services monitoring 24x7.

We design and adapt your business application architecture to help you get the highest availability and scalability in the shortest time possible, whether it is a traditional infrastructure as if you have decided to jump into the cloud of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS high availability systems.

AWS High AvailabilityAmazon Web Services (AWS) provides all the necessary tools to implement in the shortest possible time any highly available server infrastructure: load balancers, multiple independent data centers, storage services, message queues, notifications ... all available in a few minutes through the AWS console. However, all this amount of services that Amazon offers can be overwhelming at the time of undertaking the modification of your applications and take advantage of them. We help you to design and adapt your infrastructure to optimize the use made of all AWS managed services and leverage its advantages for implementing highly available applications.

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